We have a 71 year old college student

So day 1 is over and I am pretty excited for things to come.  The next two days will be full of training about procedures, protocol and metro rides….

The very 80s DC Metro

The very 80s DC Metro

Only to welcome 15,000 students on Saturday that will be a part of the Presidential Inauguration Conference, of which 5040 students are in the University program.  Come to find out, age isn’t one of those acceptance factors, as we were informed there will be quite the variety of students and one person who is 71 years old.  Good for them!  There will also be around 500 international students- apparently there are some foreigners who still like Americans out there.

There are over 63 different hotels that are housing all of our students, mine is at the Omni Sherwood.  Score!!  Luxury Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C.  here I come.  However, we will be walking everywhere within a 2 mile radius (per city officials’ requests) for the inaugural events.  It’s a good thing this Florida girl is used to 25 degree weather.  On the flip side, they gave us these AWESOME harry potter scarfs to keep us warm. See pic. Haha.  Nothing like standing out in a crowd.

Harry Potter Scarf

Harry Potter Scarf

They also informed us we will be able to attend the Inaugural Opening Ceremonies with Beyonce, Garth, and Sheryl Crow performing…to name a few.  That should be pretty awesome!  The only not so awesome thing is the meals provided to us at the infamous Clover Cafe at the National 4H Center, where all the training will take place.  I think I had better airplane food- back when they still served it.  Well, my day starts at 7:30 am tomorrow morning so off I go..

Shout outs to:

1.  The Conference Director who said: “I just want to hug Al Gore, but I don’t think they will let me…” for the entertainment.
2.  The National 4-H Center’s Clover Cafe food server lady for changing out the baked ziti pan right before my scoop.
3.  Bethesda Marriott for giving me a room with a king size bed, with a roommate.  Rock, paper, scissors.


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