Back on the market

Well, after a solid 13 months at my previous job at an Interactive Marketing Agency, I have been released back into the job market to reinvent/remarket/regain my professional self once again.  In this particular time of recession and layoffs, it is a bit of a scary challenge.   However, within just hours of  announcing to the world that yours truly is seeking employment, there was a flood of those willing to come to my rescue! (This just confirms my dedication to social media…)

I was shocked to see the immediate response of my peers.  Here is a peak:


Such helpful people!

And then of course, you have your typical haters…coincidentally long time friend:

jobhater1So having been unemployed just shy of 5 days (and during a holiday weekend) things are still looking up!  People say that when one door closes, a window opens.  I think I have hopped on this believer’s bandwaggon.  Question:


1.  Obama: for increasing Cobra Healthcare coverage to 65% percent, even though I didn’t vote for you.  Whoop whoop!

2.  Apple: for selling me this bomb-diggity computer that I have begun my job search on.  Also, and the sales guy, Matt: for telling me about the free open bar happy hour at Icon downtown.  So clutch!

3.  Twitter: for allowing me to scream from the roof-tops, “I NEED A JOB!” And all those who responded to help!!

Speaking of, follow me @brittanyward.


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