Losing a job can make you “famous”?

Day 12: job search continues… on the front page of the OrlandoSentinel.

Wow.  (And by “famous”, I use that term loosely for these purposes.  Think Kathy Griffin or something…)

Today at 7:20ish I woke up to 4 text messages, 2 facebook emails, and about 3 DM’s from Twitter.  They all went a little something like this “HEY!  Call 106.7 XL because they want to talk to you about your article in the paper!”  Huh?

The radio station had apparently name dropped me and not so coincidentally set off a chain reaction of texts/calls/twitter/facebook messages to my  my new phone (which by the way, I lost my numbers so don’t yell at me for not knowing who you are right away).


Now, I knew something like this article would be making an appearance in the paper today thanks to @etanowitz.  What I didn’t know, is that it would be on the front page and not underneath the “$200 washer/dryer for sale” articles.  Hm, surprise surprise!

A few minutes after the first friend called, I got a message:

xlSo, naturally I looked up their phone number.  My call was greeted by a friendly voice, “HEY! What’s up?!  How are you??”  I was confused by this response, as I had just dialed the main phone number to the radio station.  God bless caller ID.

A short radio interview later and a few dozen text messages of replies from friends, my head was in a spin.  Next step, call Mom.  She said that she too had already gotten a few phone calls about her daughter being in the Orlando newspaper.  Thanks in part to social media, I didn’t have to go about retelling my story to her again. haha.

Who would have thought this could draw so much attention?

As I continue the job search, the bottom line is I am really grateful to have such support and assistance from all my contacts.  I will continue to look for my next career move in hopes that I can better myself and any organization out there looking for a talented employee.  I have some very interesting prospects on the horizon and hope this will turn out to be a positive venture in lieu of my unemployment.

Good luck to anyone out there in my shoes!


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