Orlando Sentinel and the aftermath

Thirteen days into the job search and I am still unemployed, by choice thus far.  I thought about charging for autographs on the newspaper, but then no one asked.  So that option was out pretty quick.

Even my Dad wasn’t even all that pumped.  I sent him the link and all I got back was a reply email saying,

“Brit good article I am impressed……….love you DAD”

Literally, that was it.  No phone call or questioning.  Nothing.  I hope I am still in the will.


Not pumped by my "fame"...

Now my Mom on the other hand, kept calling me throughout the day to see if Good Morning America had contacted me about an interview yet.  lol.  She doesn’t get it, but it’s sweet.  Then she asked if I could “twitter” them, to show them the article.  Hey, she understands better than a lot of Marketing Depts.  Redemption.

She hates this pic, but I just love it!

She hates this pic, but I just love it!

So I guess I should answer some questions that continue to arise:

1.  How did you get that article published?!?!?

Hm.. well I wish I had that much pull.  Fortunately for me, I had a couple people looking out (::cough cough:: @sterlingrafael @elizabethb) after hearing that Etan was writing an article on people losing their jobs and promoting it through social media.  Enter: stage right… Moi. After some questioning and a photographer who came out to my house to snap those awful pics, I made my debut.  Mind you, I had no idea that it would be a front page article…

2.  Why do you have that many Facebook/Twitter “friends”?

Great question.  At just under 1,300 facebook friends and 900ish twitter followers, one might wonder such a thing.  Well, let me preface this answer by saying that I have been using Facebook religiously since 2003.  This was back when it was only for college students and revolved mainly around posting your drunk pics from the weekend before (not that much has changed since…).  Not many people (if any)  fully understood the consequences of social media and being selective about who to accept as a “friend.”

Anyway, fast forward to 2009.  I don’t think I have ever deleted anyone from my friend list, unless for valid reasons (see: ex-boyfriends).  I would actually venture to say that I have met, in person, upwards of 85% of those who are on my friend list.  Not impossible to image over the period of 5 years.  You do the math.

It never struck me though, until having been through this little unemployment phase, that those friends would be so helpful/useful in finding a new dream job.  (I could go on a tangent here about how there are 2 kinds of Facebook users, literal VS networker.  I will save that for another post.)

Oh also, I used both Facebook and Twitter a lot for my previous job.  Sounds weird, I know.

3.  Do you have a job yet?!?!

No.  See the first line of this post.  However, I have had 2 offers and a total of 8 interviews so far, all with follow-ups.  There are others in the works.  Recession, what?  I feel really fortunate to have the ability to be selective about where my next job will be.  I think its a powerful thing when you can find a fit for both you and the company.  Everyone is happy.

Finally, I think that there have been many opportunities to come out of this write up about me and my lack of a day job.  I will say though, it has stirred up quite the hater groups.  I never took into consideration that any publicity comes with both good and bad consequences.  Silly me, I should know better.


Shout outs to:

1.  Shannon: for dragging my butt to the gym tonight.

2.  Parrot Heads: thanks for the awesome tailgate and concert this weekend, in advance.

3.  My Aunt Renee: for being my first Gen X family member on Facebook. w00t w00t!


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