And on the 26th day…

Well, its officially official.  I have a Jay-Oh-Bee on the 26th day of my job search.  Although this post is now a week and a half over-due, its better late than never!  So, about the new job:


WhoNature’s Table Franchise Company

Where: Downtown Orlando

What Role: Franchise Sales Manager- responsible for all sales of new franchise restaurant/bistros/cafe’s internationally. I also oversee all corporate Marketing, PR, Advertising duties…

After this painstaking, yet exciting, journey through unemploymentville… I am happy to say that it was a wonderful experience personally and professionally.  My new place of employment has thus far, really made me appreciate the value of a good team of people and how they can truly make or break your work experience.  I think that I am coming to the realization that no matter what your job is or where, the people can be the most important component.


Shout outs to:

1.  Megan Hopkins at KForce Professional Staffing for referring me to my new wonderful company!

2.  Rain: for making me thankful for all the sunny florida day’s

3.  Paychex: for finally refilling my bank account after a drought


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