Google +…. why you are like Prince, the artist

Google +, how I loathe the…. let me count the ways.

All this hoopla about a new “Facebook” and how it was the next wave really excited me!  If fact, I was invited by a few friends to join this + beta network and I could hardly stand my excitement to play with my new toy!   It was like Prince was giving me a new Little Red Corvette and I couldn’t wait to test drive it!

HOW.EV.ER, I was quickly turned off.   I would consider the fact that I haven’t spent enough time on the platform a bias when discussing this topic, but isn’t that the point?  It should be as user friendly as possible to adapt for usability of the features to the early adapters.

It’s no wonder they put a symbol in the name.  It will quickly become the platform formally known as +.  Just makes you want to go, huh?


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